Bamboo bed sheets, made from organically grown bamboo, have an unfair advantage over traditional bed linen. This article talks about eight benefits of bamboo sheets that other sheets cannot equal.
Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets

 8 Amazing Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets

1. Bamboo Sheets are an Eco friendly Alternative to Cotton Sheets

Bamboo has an advantage to help conserve our freshwater supply

The fastest growing plant on Earth is bamboo and it’s grown organically. This accelerated growth allows the plant to lose less water per volume than other plants. Using less water helps preserve our water supply and reduces the energy required to process impure water. According to UN Water, a division of the United Nations, global use of freshwater has been growing at a rate of more than twice the increase in population. Many regions are reaching the limit of water supply, especially in arid areas that depend on water for crop production. Using bamboo sheets will benefit your sleeping comfort as well as providing an advantage to the environment.

Bamboo has the benefit of preventing soil corrosion

Bamboo stalks are cut rather than pulled by the root. Cutting the stalk helps conserve soil from degrading by allowing the plant to re-grow from its existing root.
Soil is considered a living ecosystem with essential micro-organisms and other nutrients vital for plants to grow. Cutting rather than pulling and removing the root from the ground maintains the natural eco-structure to ensure plants’ survival as mother nature intended.

Air pollution is effectively reduced with the help of bamboo

Bamboo absorbs more carbon and releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent mass of trees. Oxygen is not only essential for humans and animals to breathe and exist, but it also protects our planet’s ozone layer and helps it to heal from damage created from greenhouse gas emissions.

The carbon that bamboo absorbs is the same carbon produced by vehicles and machinery using fossil fuels. Pollution is a serious problem today and must be addressed to include alternative ways to reduce its effect on our lives and our planet. Making fabrics from organically grown bamboo, such as bamboo sheets, is one way to help protect the future of our species and our world.

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2. Bed linen that is outrageously soft and luxuriously comfortable

Another benefit of bamboo bed sheets is they are made of 100% organically grown bamboo free of harsh chemicals, including pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Bamboo bed sheets are softer and more comfortable than conventional bed linen. Compared to cotton fibers, the fiber strands of raw bamboo are round and silky smooth, making them ideal for soft clothing and bedding.

Higher Thread Count in Bed Sheets Is Overrated

Many people believe that a higher thread count is what makes bed sheets so soft and comfortable. However, that is not the case with bamboo linen. Bamboo sheets are woven in longer strands than conventional linen resulting in lower thread count.

Bamboo Sheets Drastically Reduces Pilling

Bamboo fibers are more robust than those used to manufacture conventional bed linen. That’s because bamboo fibers are spun with longer and fewer threads producing less frayed ends. When thread ends become damaged due to body movement in bed or frequent washings, the ends twist and tie into knots known as pilling. Pilling can feel very harsh for those with sensitive skin. For these reasons and many more, the benefits of bamboo sheets are unmatched in durability, softness, and luxurious comfort.

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3. Bamboo Sheets are the Preferred Choice for a Healthier Sleep

Since bamboo doesn’t wrinkle as much as cotton, bamboo bed sheets have the benefit of being free from formaldehyde. This toxic chemical is used in cotton bed sheets to prevent wrinkling. Bamboo sheets made from organic bamboo are also free of other harmful toxic chemicals such as pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. These harsh chemicals can drastically compromise your health.

Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic

Bamboo bed linen has the advantage of helping to prevent allergy flare-ups. Typically, our immune system can fight off light cases of allergies. Still, the slightest allergies can become problematic when our immune system is compromised. Many factors and conditions can cause our body’s natural immune system to become weak. And non-hypoallergenic bed sheet materials such as cotton are one of them. Give your immune system a fighting chance and switch to organically grown bamboo bed linen.

Bamboo sheets are antibacterial

In addition to being hypoallergenic, bamboo bed sheets are antibacterial. Harmful bacteria can compromise our health with annoying conditions such as acne and dry, itchy skin. Bamboo sheets fight off bacteria with their natural antibacterial properties to help prevent skin conditions from flaring up when we are sleeping.

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4. Relieve allergies and asthma with bamboo viscose sheets

Dust mites and other micro-organisms feed off dead skin cells that we shed at night when we are sleeping. These organisms secrete microscopic particles that cause reactions in those who are allergic to them. Micro-organisms find a haven in bedding that is warm and humid. Unwillingly, we provide an ideal environment for those pathogens by keeping our bed warm and moist with sweat as we sleep.

The solution is to sleep in hypoallergenic bamboo bedding. Bamboo linen woven in a tight twill pattern provides a comforting, dry environment where allergy-causing micro-organisms cannot grow. Raw bamboo has natural inherited anti-microbial properties that repel insects as the plant grows. These same properties help to repel micro-organisms when we sleep on Bamboo bed sheets.

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5. How hot sleepers can find relief from night sweats

Hot sleepers often experience waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is and how it disturbs your sleep. The best sheets for hot sleepers are sheets made with a breathable material. Bedsheets that are breathable wick the sweat from your body and evaporates the moisture into the night air without disturbing your sleep.

Bed sheets made of bamboo are efficiently breathable. Bamboo fibers are hollow with micro gaps that soak up body moisture and evaporate it quickly, keeping you cool and dry while you sleep. Bamboo is also naturally more absorbent than traditional bedding materials. As such, it provides the ideal fiber to be spun and woven into bamboo bed linen.

If you’re bothered by night sweats that wake you up in the middle of the night in a hot/cold, clammy state, you may want to try going to bed with breathable bamboo bed sheets.

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6. Bedsheets that help regulate your body temperature as you sleep

Bamboo bed sheets help to regulate body temperature as you sleep for the same reason why they help hot sleepers stay cool and dry at night. Bamboo fibers are tubular and hollow, each containing micro gaps or tiny holes.

As you cuddle up to bamboo sheets and pillowcases, your body’s heat fills the tubular fibers with warm air where it’s stored. When the cold night air lowers your skin temperature, the warm air in the bamboo fibers conducts warmth back to your chilled skin.

It’s not magic. It’s a commonly known principle that heat automatically transfers to cooler areas that it comes into contact. In this case, the cooler area is your frigid skin, and the warmth is the warm air stored in the bamboo fibers. When your skin temperature drops, the tepid air releases through the bamboo fiber’s micro gaps and warms you up. Don’t be left out in the cold when you can snuggle up to a set of bamboo bed sheets.

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7. Real bamboo sheets are resistant to disturbing foul odors

100 percent organic bamboo bed sheets are inherently resistant to pesky insects and micro-bacteria. When micro-bacteria are permitted to thrive in bedding material, such as cotton sheets, they secrete waste particles that have a strong offensive odor.

On the other hand, bamboo naturally grows organically free of pesticides, making it an ideal fabric for bed linen. With natural properties that repel insects, it also repels micro-organisms responsible for causing foul odors. These odors are not only offensive but can also cause allergies. For those who are allergic to dust mites, the fumes emitted from the waste of dust mites can lead to severe allergy attacks.

Rather than relying on allergy medication that only treats the symptoms, you can put a stop to the cause of your nightly allergies altogether. Sleeping on bamboo bed sheets made of bacteria resistant bamboo will remove the source that triggers allergy attacks so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

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8. Bamboo woven bed sheets help prevent pilling

Those nasty fuzz balls not only look bad, but they feel uncomfortable to the touch. Suppose you have sensitive skin or, even worse, a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema. In that case, you’ll know how irritating pilling can become.

Pilling results when short loose fiber ends get twisted and turned into knots. These knots are created by friction from your body movement as you sleep. Improper washings using harsh detergents and excess heat also cause pilling.

It’s almost impossible to remove pilling from bedsheets. But you can prevent it from happening with good quality bamboo bed sheets. Spun in long lengths and woven in a tight twill pattern make premium bamboo linen durable and more comfortable.

Say goodbye to bed sheets that pill, and get bamboo bed sheets that resist those nasty fuzz balls. Sweet Dreams!

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