Some people say that just the visual texture of bamboo coverlets alone adds elegance and refinement to an entire bedroom. With a fine twill diagonal weave along with vivid colors, bamboo coverlets will delight your fancy every time you enter your bedroom and get under the covers. 

Bamboo Coverlets for Better Sleep and Compliment to your Bedroom Decor

You Don’t have to Sacrifice Comfort for a Beautiful Decor with Bamboo Coverlets

A Coverlet is meant to be a lightweight spread draped over your bed to add additional comfort for you and style for your bedroom. It’s the icing on the cake, so to speak. It can be draped over the entire bed under the sheets or folded on the foot of the bed for easy access when it gets a little chilly at night. Bamboo coverlets not only add an additional class to your bedroom, but the advantages of having a bamboo coverlet are substantial.

Bamboo Coverlets Are Not Just a Pretty Face for Your Bed

Unlike cotton fibers, bamboo fibers are round and smooth. When woven together, they provide a super soft touch that won’t irritate the most sensitive skin. Usually, a coverlet doesn’t directly come in contact with your skin since it’s spread over your bedsheets. However, when it does, you’ll appreciate the soft touch that will provide you with additional comfort. And while we’re on the subject of comfort and softness, bamboo coverlets are made with long strand organic bamboo fibers to prevent those nasty fuzz balls known as pilling. With longer strands, there are fewer ends to dangle and twist into harsh material that can irritate your skin.

Made with 100% Organically Grown Bamboo, Bamboo Coverlets are Hypoallergenic.

Who wants a bedroom that looks great with a décor that causes allergies to disrupt your sleep? You want a bedroom that compliments the beauty of your other rooms. A look and feel that’s inviting every time you enter the room, but not at the expense of having issues with allergies. You can have your cake and eat it too with a coverlet that is hypoallergenic.

Bamboo grows organically without pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can further aggravate and trigger allergy attacks. Additionally, organic bamboo has inherent anti-bacterial properties that remain in the woven fibers of the bamboo coverlet to resist bacteria, including dust mites. It is estimated that 20 million people in the United States are allergic to these nasty critters. Sometimes the allergic reaction is just sneezing, but it can also cause breathing issues and sleep disruption.

Who Wants to Spend Time in a Beautiful Bedroom that doesn’t Smell Good?

Traditional bedding, including coverlets that haven’t been washed frequently, can cause annoying odors ruining a bedroom’s great looks by smelling terrible.

Strong, pungent odors can keep you up at night or prevent you from having a deep sleep. Bacteria-causing odors are typically caused by dead skin cells from your body or bacteria found in your pet’s shedding hair. Since Bamboo Coverlets are made with bamboo fibers that naturally resist bacteria, they prevent foul odors from occurring.

Bamboo Coverlets are Good for the Environment Too

With a bamboo coverlet dressing your bed, you not only feel more comfortable, but you can also take pleasure knowing that your coverlet is friends with the environment. Bamboo coverlets are made with renewable material that doesn’t contribute to greenhouse emissions like other traditionally made bedding. Sustainable bamboo is grown organically, thus eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers for its growth. These toxic chemicals eventually get into the food and water supply, destroying the planet as well as our health.

Bamboo, the plant used to make elegant bamboo coverlets, helps absorb more air pollution than most other plants.  Bamboo provides oxygen for us to breathe and supplies oxygen to the stratosphere to sustain and heal a depleting ozone layer. And I’m sure you knew that bamboo helps save and protect many species who rely on the plant for food and protection from the elements. Since bamboo grows so rapidly, it requires no irrigation helping to save our fresh water supply. Lastly, unlike other bedding materials such as cotton, bamboo is cut rather than pulled by the root. Cutting the stalk helps to conserve soil preservation and requires no human intervention to grow new plants. Now, what other bedding material can boast that?

In Conclusion, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to make your bedroom look good. An elegant bamboo coverlet will help you sleep better while complimenting the décor of your bedroom. Sweet dreams!

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