Bamboo woven sheets are resistant to those nasty fuzzballs known as pilling. Loose fiber ends getting twisted and turned into knots is the cause of pilling. Those knots can be very abrasive to one’s skin, especially those with severe conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Babies, growing children, and pregnant women are also vulnerable to the harsh touch of pilling.

bamboo woven sheets prevents fabric pilling

Bamboo Woven Sheets help prevent pilling to keep your sheets soft and comfy

How pilling forms on bed sheets

Traditional cotton sheets are prone to threads twisting and knotting. These sheets are weaved with shorter threads where the ends dislodge and break away from the fabric. Cotton sheets have a very high thread count, increasing the endless number of thread ends that degrade the material. One could say that pilling is tangled ends pilling upon each other to become harsh fuzz or lint balls.

How bamboo woven sheets prevents pilling 

Bamboo woven sheets solve this problem in several ways. Bedsheets made of bamboo are spun fine and long, requiring fewer loose ends to knot. There are also fewer threads used in the weave. You may be thinking that bedsheets with a higher thread count are softer. This thinking, however, does not apply when it comes to bamboo sheets.

Bamboo fibers are incredibly soft and round, requiring fewer threads to weave an exceptionally soft bedsheet. With fewer and longer strands, the result is a soft, smooth, and comforting feel against your skin wash after wash, sleep after sleep regardless of how active a sleeper you are. No matter how much you give your bed sheets a workout, sleep, or awake, your bamboo sheets will remain soft and comfortable without pilling. Bamboo bed sheets also have a tight diagonal twill weave that locks in the fibers making the fabric even more durable and less prone to pilling.

bamboo woven sheets will last a lifetime with proper care

Using harsh chemicals when washing and applying high heat when drying will damage any bedsheet over time, no matter how good the sheets are. Your bamboo sheets could last a lifetime without the annoying and harsh pilling that is so common with cotton sheets with proper care.

No pilling, soft, breathable bamboo woven sheets will help give you a sound, comfortable, and restful sleep night after night; sweet dreams!

You’ll feel the difference bamboo sheet sets make on your bed, especially when you’re in it. Experience it for yourself; sweet dreams!

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