There is no doubt that the best sheets for summer are bed sheets made with 100% organically farmed bamboo. Bamboo cooling sheets may not turn you into a chilled sleeper, but they can keep you drier and make your sleep a more comfortable one with their moisture-wicking properties. 

Best Sheets for Summer

Have you noticed when you search for “best bed sheets for summer” you often get results that appear to provide you with a list of the so called best sheets, but it never mentions what the best sheets are? Instead, it lists companies selling these sheets and conveniently adding a price tag. These websites are not actual reviews but rather websites that get a commission when you click the featured retailer’s link to purchase. Finding the best sheets for night sweats is not rocket science, nor does one retailer necessarily have the best. It’s pretty simple.

The Best Cooling Sheets are Highly Breathable

Organic bamboo is made with a highly breathable fabric that allows body sweat to evaporate more quickly than traditional bed linen. Most bed sheets are so fiber dense that they absorb more moisture from sweat than they can dissipate. As a result, sweat-soaked sheets rapidly become very uncomfortable. They often wake you up in the middle of the night in a discomforting clammy state.

Often hot sleepers try to compensate for those sweat-soaked nights by keeping the room temperature as cool as they can stand. Often this can work, but on nights when you sweat profusely, the cold night air changes your hot, sweat-soaked body into a cold one. As the sweat on your skin cools, the moisture conducts heat away from your body, waking you up and leaving you in a chilly and wet miserable state. If your bed is large enough, you can shift to the other side of the bed and hopefully fall back to sleep.

Staying Cool and Dry with the Best Sheets for Summer

Although a bedroom on a simmering summer night may be uncomfortably warm, it’s probably still cooler than your 98.6-degree body temperature. So as long as the room temperature isn’t too hot, bamboo cooling sheets will help transfer that cooler air back to your body, leaving you dry and comfy all night.

What Causes Night Sweats in the First Place?

There are several reasons why people sweat profusely while asleep. Often the cause is related to some health issue. According to the Mayo Clinic, it may be related to stress and anxiety, sleep apnea, heavy alcohol consumption, or any other health issue. But what about the hot sleeper with no underlying health issues, perhaps like yourself. I’m one of them, and sometimes it’s so bad that the sheets on top and below, including the pillow, are soaking wet. I can almost ring them out. Maybe it’s related to stress, I thought, but I realize that there may not be any conclusive explanation. We’re just hot sleepers in bed, perhaps with an overactive subconscious as we dream. Who knows for sure.

Moisture-Wicking Bamboo Sheets are the Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Bamboo cooling sheets for hot sleepers are lighter than traditional linen, including cotton. This is because bamboo fibers are actually hollow, making them lighter as a result. The hollow fibers used to make bamboo sheets contain micro gaps or tiny holes invisible to the naked eye. These small holes allow the fabric to absorb body moisture and provide efficient ventilation, unlike other bedding materials. 

Organic bamboo is naturally more absorbent than the finest organically grown cotton. In fact, bamboo fibers are three times more absorbent than cotton fibers. With a higher absorbency and evaporation rate, bamboo bed linen wicks moisture from your skin faster than any other material. Higher absorption and better ventilating sheets will keep you cool and dry all night so you can wake up dry and refreshed to start your new day.

The Best Bed Sheets for Summer Will Have a Lower Thread Count

Many people believe that sheets that have a higher thread count are better, not so. For example, bamboo sheets have a thread count of 300. Yet they are softer and more moisture absorbent than cotton sheets with a thread count of 2 or 3 times greater. Bamboo fibers are rounder, smoother, and more refined than cotton fibers making them softer, more breathable, and more comfortable.

In conclusion, the best sheets for summer are sheets made with breathable, organic bamboo fibers. Also, you want to consider retailers who you can trust. Retailers who will answer your questions, and ones who will make shopping a positive experience for you. Look for a retailer that will include offering a satisfaction guarantee, as well as free shipping. We may be biased, but check out our Organic Bamboo Bedding to provide you with the best sheets whether you are a hot sleepers or not. Pleasant dreams!

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