For over a decade, bamboo sheets have been available and gaining popularity year after year and for a good reason. They are outrageously soft and luxurious when compared to cotton sheets. You’ll notice the difference bamboo sheets makes as soon as you try them.
Irresistible Comfort of Bamboo SheetsIrresistible Comfort of Bamboo Sheets

Microscopic view of organic bamboo fibers

A 100% bamboo Fiber looks like a smooth rounded tubular thread, like the hair on your head. This feature makes a huge difference in the comfort of bamboo sheets, especially for people with skin sensitivities, or worse, skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

These conditions are very discomforting and painful at times. The last thing you want to do is sleep in bedsheets that will aggravate your condition. Sleeping in bamboo sheets will provide the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

Microscopic view of cotton fibers

On the other hand, cotton sheet threads are coarse and uneven when viewed through a microscope. Harsh and rough fibers create a friction that will irritate sensitive skin as your body makes contact and rubs against them.

Even high thread cotton sheets lose their softness after time and will eventually cause discomfort. In addition to coarse fibers, cotton also has the disadvantage of pilling due to its shorter and more frequent fibers lengths that can dangle and knot.

Bamboo bedsheets reduce skin friction to provide total comfort

Sleeping on bamboo bedsheets, with or without pajamas, offers complete comfort and support by reducing skin friction as you turn and roll in bed while asleep or awake. When sleeping, you are unconsciously turning and moving from side to side. Throughout the night, your body is rubbing on the fibers of the sheet even when you’re wearing pajamas. Cotton sheets can penetrate your sleepwear and make your discomfort even worse, especially when your pajamas are made with the same material or with flannel. Bamboo sheets reduce the friction to make your sleeping hours comfy and restful.

Most people don’t realize that cotton bedsheets can affect their skin sensitivities or conditions. The problem is when harsh inferior fabrics come in contact with the skin and trigger a reaction. People accept the fact that there’s nothing else they can do to relieve their discomfort except to apply skin creams or take medications. This solution is only a bandage fix and is not permanent. A permanent solution is using bamboo bedsheets.

Silky smooth without feeling slippery

People who have tried bamboo sheets say they have a silky smooth touch without feeling slippery like silk. Silk sheets can be gentle of your skin, but they can be annoying when they slip off your body and onto the floor. Silk fibers are also extremely delicate and prone to wear and tear, whereas, bamboo fibers are durable yet soft. You might say bamboo is the strong silent type.

You’ll feel the difference bamboo sheet sets make on your bed, especially when you’re in it. Experience it for yourself; sweet dreams!

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