There are many advantages of premium bamboo sheets over cotton sheets. The benefits of these sheets will provide you with a better sleep so you can wake up refreshed and energetic to start every new day.

5 Amazing Advantages of Premium Bamboo Sheets

 Premium Bamboo Sheets have Many Advantages Over Traditional Bed Linen

1. Bamboo Fibers are Smooth making Bamboo Sheets Irresistibly Soft

Premium bamboo sheets are softer than cotton and stay that way longer. The more you wash them, the softer they get. Bamboo fibers are round and smooth, and when woven into bedsheets, they are irresistibly comfortable. On the other hand, Cotton fibers are more like rope, course, and harsh on sensitive skin, fierce on those with more severe skin conditions.

Unlike cotton, bamboo sheets resist pilling or fuzzballs that can cause friction on your skin. As you turn from side to side, your body rubs against the sheets. When pilling on your sheets builds up after frequent use and washing, the discomfort can prevent you from having a good night's sleep.

2. Premium Bamboo Sheets are an Eco Friendly Choice in Bed Linen

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers contaminate our food and water supply. Premium bamboo sheets are free of these toxic chemicals because the bamboo used to make these sheets are organically grown.

 Bamboo is a regenerative plant. Unlike pulling cotton by the root at harvest, the bamboo stalk is cut, preventing soil erosion. Cutting the stock instead of pulling the plant by the core allows the plant to re-grow from the same root.

Preserving the plant's root prevents the depletion of essential nutrients in the soil that the plant needs to grow. Bamboo releases more oxygen in the air than cotton and absorbs more carbon and greenhouse emissions than any other plant, including trees of the same volume. These features make bamboo one of the most eco friendly plants on earth.

3. Bamboo Linen is Hypo Allergenic

Premium bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fibers, naturally resisting bacteria that can irritate or cause allergies. Allergies are a severe problem affecting 1 in 3 adults and 20% of children in America. Unlike wrinkle-resistant cotton, bamboo sheets are free from formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that is highly discomforting to sensitive skin.

Bamboo sheets are made with organically grown bamboo. Organically grown eliminates the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can further aggravate or trigger allergy attacks. Additionally, bamboo fibers are fine and tubular, making them extra soft and soothing to the most delicate skin.

4. Bamboo Sheets are Moisture Wicking to Keep you Cool and Dry as you Sleep

Premium bamboo sheets can absorb perspiration from your skin and evaporate it quickly. When you overheat, you sweat to help maintain your natural body temperature. Bamboo fibers are more absorbent than cotton, so they can wick moisture very quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable as you sleep.

5. Superior Bamboo Sheets are Odor Resistant

Premium bamboo sheets can make a huge difference in making your bed an enjoyable environment for sleeping. Bamboo sheets are made from fibers that naturally resist bacteria that cause dreadful odors.

Bacteria is a harmless living organism that thrives in moist warm environments like your body and your bed. Cotton sheets cannot naturally resist bacteria, so they flourish and populate, creating strong, pungent odors. You can't eliminate bacteria, but you can reduce their population with odor-resistant bamboo sheets!

You’ll feel the difference bamboo sheet sets make on your bed, especially when you’re sleeping in them. Experience it for yourself; sweet dreams!

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