More people are turning to soft bamboo sheets for many reasons. With greater demand on people’s lives, more comfort in their bedding is required to help them get the sleep they need and deserve. We all value the importance of sleep. Being comfortable in bed is a requirement for getting to sleep and staying asleep. Here are a few reasons why bamboo sheets are softer than other traditional bed sheets.

soft bamboo sheets

Soft Bamboo Sheets to keep you comfy all night long

Harsh chemicals can make fabric feel rough

By looking at the fabric used in bamboo bedding, we can understand why bamboo bed linen is outrageously soft. Bamboo linen is made with 100% organically grown bamboo. As a result, it is free of pesticides and harsh chemical fertilizers that can make the fabric feel rough to the touch.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not only bad for the environment, but they are also bad for the skin. These chemicals can irritate ones skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many people also experience allergic reactions to many types of chemicals, including chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If you are susceptible to chemical reactions, it is best to avoid products produced from plants grown using these toxic chemicals.

Smooth and round bamboo fibers make luxuriously soft bamboo sheets

The bamboo plant’s raw fibers are round and tubular, making them ideal for manufacturing bedding products. When woven together, bamboo fibers create bed linen that is luxuriously soft and comforting on your skin. Other materials, such as cotton, are flat and edgy and less desirable for bed linen. After repeated wash cycles, cotton sheets begin to feel rough to the touch. You may not notice the effect at first, but it does become apparent over time.

Soft bamboo sheets don’t need a high thread count

Many people believe that bedsheets weaved with a high thread count are more comfortable than sheets woven with a lower thread count. This reasoning is correct when comparing various cotton bed sheets, but it is not so when comparing cotton sheets with bamboo sheets.

Bamboo bed linen woven with a thread count of 300 is softer than cotton linen having a thread count of two or more times higher. That’s because bamboo fibers are spun round and smooth. When woven together, they have a hand feel that is considerably smoother than cotton.

Pilling will cause bed linen to lose its soft touch

Cotton linen is more susceptible to pilling since it is woven from short strands of cotton fiber. These annoying fuzz balls can drastically reduce bed linen’s softness and comfort by creating friction on your skin as you roll and turn on your sheets while sleeping. On the other hand, bamboo fibers are strong and woven in long strands, reducing pilling occurrence. The result is a smoother surface to sleep on by reducing friction on your skin during the night.

Soft bamboo sheets can dramatically improve your comfort in bed and provide you with the sleep you need. Pleasant dreams!

Bamboo sheets, manufactured with 100% organically grown bamboo, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bed sheets that pollute and compromise our environment.

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