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We've listed 8 advantages that bamboo sheets have over traditional cotton sheets. This video briefly describes these advantages. For a complete detailed description, please read "8 Amazing Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets".


  1. Eco-friendly: Made from bamboo that helps maintain the health of our environment
  2. Luxuriously soft: Bamboo Sheets are made with smooth, round fibers for a softer touch
  3. Made with Organic Bamboo: Bamboo sheets are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  4. Hypo-allergenic: Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria that can cause allergies
  5. Cooling sheets: Bamboo Sheets wick body moisture faster to keep you cool and dry all night
  6. Temperature regulating: Bamboo fibers are hollow to absorb and release body heat on demand
  7. Odor resistant: Bamboo sheets naturally have anti-microbial properties that resist foul odors
  8. No pilling: Bamboo sheets are resistant to skin irritating annoying fuzz balls