Real bamboo sheets made with 100% organically grown bamboo can leave your bed and your entire bedroom free of pungent odors. These odors can prevent you from falling asleep and even wake you up in the middle of the night to disturb a good night’s rest.

Real Bamboo Sheets are Hypoallergenic to prevent foul odors

Real Bamboo Sheets Help to Keep Your Bedroom Smelling Fresh and Clean Longer

How foul odors start in the first place.

Although body odor can cause foul bedroom odors, the primary suspects are dust mites and other micro living organisms. These organisms find traditional bed linen the ideal environment for them to live and breed. They are harmless in themselves, but they deposit waste material like any other living organism after eating dead skin cells that you shed while asleep. It’s this waste product that causes foul odors, not the dust mites alone.

Some people may not mind sleeping with that foul odor. Still, most people find it disgusting, and many people are even allergic to it. So, it has to go one way or another. Frequently washing your bed linen is an excellent way to rid the waste particles of micro-organisms, but that is not always practical for people with a busy schedule. It’s best to avoid the cause in the first place with bed linen that repels these pesky smelly producing micro-organisms.

Foul bedroom odors can compromise your health.

In addition to a bad smell, bed linen laden with dust mites and other living micro-organisms can be bad for your health. Those who are allergic to microbes such as dust mites can have powerful allergy attacks that can keep them up at night. So, let your nose be your guide. If you smell them, it’s time to do something about it.

If you are having allergic reactions at night, you might be allergic to these micro-organisms’ waste particles. You should speak with your doctor if your allergy flareups continue. He or she can administer an allergy test to determine the cause of these attacks. Should the test results determine that dust mites are the cause, then you’d be wise to consider changing your bedding to one that is hypoallergenic.

Real bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic.

Organic bamboo fiber has inherent natural properties that repel dust mites and bacteria that can lead to strong odors and allergic reactions. Also, real bamboo sheets, woven in a tight twill pattern, discourages micro-organisms from entering the fabric. These two features have a double-barrel shotgun approach to eliminating foul odors and protecting you from nighttime allergies. Sweet dreams!

Bamboo sheets can  help keep your bedroom smelling fresh and clean to give you a better sleep. Sweet Dreams!

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